Mongoose Traveller High Guard Supplement

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Role Playing Games
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I’ve been playing Traveller since travhighguard2the late ’70s when the game was first released. I was hooked and have purchased all subsequent editions just to keep up to date. I may break my 30+ year trend after purchasing the latest High Guard supplement from Mongoose.

For those of you who know me, I am not a Mongoose fan. I became disillusioned with them after their foray into Starship Troopers, Babylon 5 and Battlefield Evo miniatures. What were all promising games and miniature lines were mismanaged into oblivion. Promises were made by Mongoose management, only to be broken within weeks. With some trepidation I purchased the core Traveller rules and was somewhat impressed. That being said, the supplements have been major disappointments.

High Guard is so full of typos, misspellings, bad typesetting and proofreading failures that the book is not worth its $25 retail price tag. Even the Table of Contents is wrong; it’s the table from the previous Mercenary supplement. Charts are poorly organized or incomplete, information is presented in illogical order…I could go on, but you get the idea.

Mongoose continues its downward spiral of quality. Spend your money on eBay on older editions of the game.

UPDATE: Matt from Mongoose contacted me directly after I posted on The Miniatures Page about these issues. They have a generous offer to not only replace the book with a corrected one for free and to provide an equal value book for free as compensation. Given the high level of customer service and Matt’s honesty in admitting that Mongoose had missed the boat on this, I am inclined to offer them a second chance.


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