Latest Project: Uncharted Seas Elven Fleet

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Miniature Games

Just received the new Elven Fleet for Uncharted Seas. Usual great service from Neal at The Warstore. Models are cool. They are a mix of outriggers and catamaran hulls with curved wedge sails. Bodies are cast resin ste002with white metal sails. Almost no flash on any of the models.The photo is of the Elven Battlecruiser as painted by Spartan Games. Haven’t really decided what color to paint the fleet. Right now my thoughts are to do the hull in a ligher color; possibly light gray or white hull. That would mean using a darker color for the sails for contrast; right now I am thinking red with gold trim/gold insignia. If I went blue, it would remind too much of the old “official” high elf colors of the GW Man O’ War game.

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