Follow Up on Starship Troopers

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Miniature Games
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Well, I should know better…we had way too many folks show up to play! Thank you to everyone who came out and played the game. I ended up splitting the Mobile Infantry into half squads to accomodate all the people trying to “earn Citizenship through Service.” The scenario was a retrieval mission; a small force of MI started on the board and waited for the retrieval boat with reinforcements to land. Overall, the Arachnids (played by the referees) had a bad day. Well placed fire and a timely PeeWee atomic nuke broke up the Arachnid assault. Casualties for the MI were light, entailing two troopers and two Grizzly Suits. We’ve had a lot of requests since last Saturday to run additional events, so I am working with Ken at Unique Gifts and Games to schedule the next event.

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