Frakking Good Space Combat

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Miniature Games
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One highlightitana_bow_smt of Little Wars was spending some time and money with Fox Miniatures, who are carrying a new line of BSG spaceship miniatures. The line is designed and produced by Ravenstar Studios (website is at The larger ships are in resin, while the fighters are metal. This should be a fun project. I plan to use the new Army Painter system to paint the miniatures. Essentially I will basecoat the miniatures either white or gray, highlight as appropriate, then “dip” them into either a dark brown or black varnish. The surface detail on all the models isvipers_tos quite crisp, so the dip method will be perfect. One thing Ravenstar is doing that I like is expanding the number of ships from what is shown on TV. They have extrapolated ships of all classes, ranging from frigates to super-battlestars.

The bigger question will be rules. There are a number of homegrown BSG rules mods online: I have downloaded mods for Full Thrust, Starmada and Mongoose’s Babylon 5: A Call to Arms system. The most complete set I have found is the latter. Given that I have played it before and it doesn’t rely on a hex-grid, I may end up using these for my first few games.


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