Check Your Six! Game at CLPD Meeting

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Miniature Games
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The lone Do-17z flies home, chased by the Brits.

We played Check Your Six! today at the Crystal Lake Park District club meeting. The scenario was two British flights (one of Spitfires and one of Hurricanes) chasing a wounded Dornier 17 bomber back to the Channel. Before the British could close the distance, two flights of Me-109E’s bounced the British.

It was not a very good day for the British, as lucky long distance shots from the Me-1o9e’s cannons felled one of the Spitfires in a head-on pass. One of the more humorous moments came when my flight of three Hurricanes closed with three Me-109’s. The German player anticipated tearing my planes to shreds with his cannons head-on as well, only to watch awestruck as my Hurricanes executed a steep dive and sped away underneath the Huns. There was a lot of twisting and turning by all, and after 11 turns we decided to call it a day.

Our intent was to use this as a learning scenario for Check Your Six! and it worked.

The aircraft twisted and turned in a classic dogfight.
The aircraft twisted and turned in a classic dogfight.

Each player was in control of three planes and the game moved at a fairly brisk pace toward the end. Hitting each other was hard. Getting the knockout punch with the British was even harder. At this point in the war, the Brits were using light machine guns which don’t generate much firepower. The German nose cannons were telling in their effect. Final totals for the day were 4 damaged Me-109s versus 2 Hurricanes and 1 Spitfire shot down.

The planes are 1:300 scale. Some are prepaints that I purchased from Noble Miniatures. Some are painted by me. The Dornier 17 is a Ros Heroics model painted by me.

Check Your Six! seems like a keeper. We can’t wait to try out other aircraft types.


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