Great Day at Legends

Posted: April 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Legends in the Spring gathering was a big success. The games were outstanding and everyone seemed to have a good time. My guess is that this was one of the biggest Legends events yet in terms of attendance. Our Starship Trooper game was full before we  could even set up. The scenario was a relief mission by the Mobile Infantry to rescue a Skinny village under siege by Arachnids. photo-22

The Arachnids did their usual thing and swarmed the Skinny position in wave after wave. This time the usual warrior Bugs were supplemented by Tiger Warriors (elite versions of the standard Bug), Blasters, Firefries and an Assassin Bug. The Assassin devastated the left wing of the Skinny position, eventually causing the beleagured Skinnies to run for their lives. photo-34

The Mobile Infantry per the scenario arrived piecemeal onto the battlefield. Their firepower was telling, but too late to save the Skinnies. The MI colonel and one of the Skinny leaders were the only survivors of the original position. All in all, not a great start to winning the hearts and minds of a potential ally!

Our second game was a massive Uncharted Seas bash photo-1featuring 10+ fleets! We probably overdid it in terms of fleets and the size of the board, as it took a long time for the opposing forces to close to combat. One highlight of the game was the hyper-aggressive human player on the far right flank of the Human-Dwarf Allied Fleet. He charged his ships headlong at his counterpart Dragon Lord commander. The two fleets passed through each other with incredible carnage. The Dragon Lord fleet was no more at the end, while  the humans were barely afloat. On the opposite side of the board, the Human-Dwarf ships sailed and sparred at long range with the Orcs (painted by Jeff Hammerlund) and another Dragon Lord fleet. For the most part this side of the board only saw frigate action, with the battleships and cruisers never really able to close to effective range. Another highlight of the game was the debut of my son’s Red Dwarf Fleet, commanded by Stalin Ironbeard. The entire fleet is painted in red metallic colors, with patriotic slogans in Russian scrawled along the sides. photo-5The Red Dwarves mostly skirimished with the Elven Fleet in the middle of the board, although they claimed it was a glorious victory for the People’s Revolution against the imperialistic aims of the dress-making Elves.

All-in-all, we enjoyed running the two games. My thanks to my partner Jeff Hammerlund, and my two sons Will and Steve for helping out. My thanks to Skip Peterson for starting this convention several years back. This will be the last time it is run at the American Legion hall in Wauconda. Next time it will be at Trinity College in Deerfield, IL, since we are running out of space.

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