Arab Israeli Wars 73

Posted: April 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have been reading a number of books on this topic, and have reacquired copies of the old boardgames Bar Lev and Arab Israeli Wars on eBay. The 1973 war saw the first combat use of Sagger man-portable anti-tank missiles, an incredible intelligence victory for the Egyptian and Syrian forces, a well-planned crossing of the Suez canal by the Egyptians, and heroics on both sides. Most interestingly, the invicibility of the main battle tank (MBT) was shattered in both the Sinai and the Golan Heights. Most incredibly, the Israeli’s, despite the major setbacks on both fronts, eventually won out and took the war to Syrian and Egyptian soil.

Figuring out what scale and what type of game to run has been more problematic. I am a big fan of 15mm figures, but other than Peter Pig, QRF and Quality Cast, there isn’t much from which to choose. 28mm is almost non-existant. Micro-armor offers more unit types and coverage, but is very small. I have decided to do two scales, 15mm skirmish and Micro-armor grand tactical.

Accordingly I put in an order to Peter Pig for some 15mm T-55’s, Sho’t (upgunned Centurion tanks used by the Israeli’s), BTR-152U’s and tons of infantry. I will probably use Disposable Heroes modern supplement as my rules system for skirmish games. I have a couple of F4 Phantoms and some Migs in 1:100 scale diecast to use as air assets, so we are all set.

On the Micro-armor side, I have ordered quite a bit of Syrian forces and Israeli forces for the Golan Heights from GHQ. Frustratingly, the company doesn’t make Arab infantry for this period, so I am using Cold War Soviets mixed with 3rd World irregulars for the Syrians. Also frustratingly, they don’t make the man-portable Sagger teams, so I have been converting some of the recoiless rifle teams into Saggers with prodigious filing, trimming and sanding. I am planning on using the playtest Modern version of Battlefront: WWII that is available on for rules. Each stand will represent a section of infantry or 2-3 vehicles. I am mounting 3-4 figures per stand or one vehicle per stand. The nice thing about this scale is speed of painting! I’ll post pictures when I finish the first two battalions for the Syrians. Right now I have one battalion of Syrian T-55s and one mechanized infantry company mounted and primered.


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