Painting Update…

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

No new pictures yet. Need to get out my good camera for close-ups as the iPhone camera won’t handle things that are too close. As for projects, I am 90% done with the Arab-Israeli microarmor project. My initial Syrian force will consist of two tank battalions, one mechanized infantry battalion, one engineering company, one anti-tank company and a platoon of BRDM Swatters. The next phase will include 4 jets (2 Mig 19s and 2 Mig 21s), 3 Mi-8 helicopters and a battalion of Syrian commandoes. As for the Israeli’s, I have finished the armor and just need to finish the infantry. I will have a company of Sho’ts (upengined and upgunned British Centurions) and a company of Israeli mechanized infantry. Phase two will expand this by an additional company of Sho’ts, an Israeli paratroop company and 4 jets (2 Phantoms and 2 Skyhawks).

Project Two, namely my World War II 1:300 aircraft, is proceeding as well. Four Me-110s Zerstorers are ready for decals and two more Do-17Z’s are finished. I also just received two orders of planes, one from Scale Creep and one from Ken at UGG, for other periods. I will start in on mid-late war European theater next. I have 4 P-51Ds ready to primer, as well as 4 Bf-109Gs and 4 Fw-190Ds. Ken is working on some P-47s and a B-17, so it looks like we may be able to do something very soon. The other two areas I am focusing on are one; early war Russian/Finns; Buffaloes, Fokkers and Polikarpovs/LAGs and two; Pacific early war with P40Cs and Zeroes.

Project Three is my 6mm science fiction game using Future War Commander. The forces have been purchased from Dark Realm Miniatures and my initial Pax Arcadian force is finished. This one has been on the back burner for several months because of work, other gaming commitments and lack of time.


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