Check Your Six! Campaign Starts With a Bang

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Events, Miniature Games
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Seven squadrons were created Saturday at Unique Gifts and Games and the first mission proved to be a fight to the end. Three He-111’s attempted to get back to France after bombing London and four British players took to the air in pursuit. The German bombers were defended by three German players.

Never have so many shot so much at so few.

Never have so many shot so much at so few.

Three melees ensued. Near the Channel, four Hurricanes and two Me-109E’s twisted for most of the game, with the end result being one damaged Me-109E who headed home. The second melee was the bombers, Ken’s two Me-109E’s and at various times as many as four Hurricanes and two Spitfires. The third melee was Me-110C’s and Spitfires trailing behind the bombers.

Three outright kills were scored: one Spitfire went down to a cannon volley from an Me-110C; one Me-109E went down to a Hurricane shot, and one Hurricane took down a bomber. Most of the surviving aircraft were badly shot up or out of ammo when the game ended.

An Me-110C and Spitfire glare at each other.

An Me-110C and Spitfire glare at each other.

Some key things were discovered during this game. One; never get in front of an Me-110C with its cannons at short range. Two; bombers are very hard to kill. For the entire game, shot after shot was poured into the bombers to no avail. The LMG’s of the Spitfires and Hurricanes make penetrating a bomber’s hide tough. While the bombers were limping, the only kill against them was made on the very last turn. Three; Spitfires on your tail are very hard to shake if you are not a Veteran or Ace quality pilot. One of my Me-110C’s was lucky to survive, as its Spitfire opponent did a great job staying on its tail for several turns. I only survived by doing something completely unexpected, as well as swinging my other 110C around for protection. As for surviving, none of the destroyed planes’ pilots survived the experience.

Overall, it was a great start to the campaign. The next flying session won’t be until June. We are planning on running a Pacific battle for that session. See you there!


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