More Friday Night Flying

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Miniature Games
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My son Will and I squared off for two quick dogfights as part of the ongoing campaign. Round 1 saw me take two Spitfire 1A’s up against two Me-109E’s. One Spitfire was shot down (although the pilot safely bailed out to return to the roster) and one plane running out of ammo. Round 2 we reversed roles and one of my skilled pilots scored his first kill. We continue to enjoy Check Your Six! and definitely agree that pilot quality trumps plane statistics in terms of game mechanics. We plan to switch the action to the Pacific Theater next time for some Cactus Air Force flying against Zeroes.

  1. jacob boguszewski says:

    I’m in just got a spitfire done and earlier i finished a corsair. Blagos gonna take some names!

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