Check Your Six! Updates

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Miniature Games
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Over the past weekend, we played a few games of Check Your Six! and — surprise — found out that we’d been doing a couple of things wrong. I thought I’d post the correct rules interpretations here to avoid confusion for the next campaign session.

1) Out of Ammo: If you roll doubles on a To Hit roll after your first shot, you need to check on the Out of Ammo table. Roll 1D6 and cross index your Pilot Rating with the type of weapon fired.

2) Damage other than Kills: An aircraft which receives either Airframe or Engine damage is destroyed on taking another damage hit. In other words, you can’t receive two damage results on an airplane. It is destroyed instead. This would have made a huge difference during our Battle of Britain game as the bombers were nearly impervious to the guns of the Hurricanes and Spitfires as we kept allowing them to take multiple damage results.

  1. Jacob Boguszewski says:

    Yeah today I played Ken and in the end Obama shot down a plane and damaged one while we were flying over britain and Cheney shot a 109 for engine damage and later ran out of ammunition. Ken then ran away. The awsome thing was before the game I told Ken I was gonna blow Darth Vader out of the sky and guess what Darth Vader is now a PoW! Good Job Obama! K

  2. beastmeister says:

    Thanks for the recap, Jacob. Ken told me about your duels when I dropped by the store last night. Good job! But I think Ken has some revenge planned for your politically-named pilots LOL.

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