Retro Raygun Line from Hydra Miniatures

Posted: June 5, 2009 in Miniature Games
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If you’re into Pulp/old school science fiction, you need to check out this range of figures from Hydra Miniatures. There are three separate groups of figures in the range: the Galacteers, the Robot Legion and Aliens. I got a chance to inspect some figures that Skip Peterson purchased and was so impressed with them that I placed an order immediately with Hydra.

First up are the Galacteers. The figures are about 30mm. They mix very well with Blue Moon’s spacemen and aliens in terms of size. There is no flash and almost no mold lines on the figures. These figures look straight out of Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. The poses are animated and the personalities shine out.

Ace McGuire, HeroGalacteer%20Sergeant
Next up are some members of the Robot Legion. The Robot Legionnaires are scaled to the human figures in the line. The lines of the figures are organic and almost deco. I think of vacuum tubes and old toasters when I look at them. The Warbots tower over the other figures at almost twice their size. There are also mini-robots, hover bots and square box type bots.
I also love the Aliens line. The Cosmic Stranger figure below is very cool. The two heads and the peace sign made me chuckle when I first saw it.

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