Saturday Flying at UGG

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Miniature Games
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Another impromptu campaign session took us to the Pacific theater last Saturday night, where 6 Zeroes met up with 6 Wildcats of the Cactus Air Force. Lady Luck was definitely with the Japanese, despite the low resilience of the Zeroes. One reason was the debut flying of my youngest son Stephen, whose reputation as a dice roller was furthered as he made two impossible resilience checks and then blasted a Wildcat out of the sky. Ken scored two kills, I scored another one versus one Zero shot down. The moral of the engagement was that the Zeroes +3 agility more than offsets its low resilience. That and some nifty die rolling and a spot of bad luck for Jacob, Clayton and Will on the American side. We’ll see how the luck unfolds for everyone this coming Friday night, our next regularly scheduled session.

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