First Ace in the Campaign

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Miniature Games
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Friday night saw another round of campaign flying, this time four P-51D’s against four Focke-Wulf 190F’s. Right out of the starting gate, the Germans kept a perfect Schwarm formation and blasted a P-51D to smithereens with cannon fire as it tried to go head-to-head. The doomed flyer’s wingman flew through the formation and came around and scored his first kill. The Germans responded by shooting down two more P-51’s for no loss. Outnumbered three-to-one, my remaining pilot (Captain Chard) decided to see how long he could hang around. One German ran out of ammo and dove away to safety with Chard on his tail. Chard then performed a split-s and came up on the pursuing FW-190’s and torched one, then another for a total of three kills, making Chard the first ace of the campaign with six victories. One of Will Roots’ pilots (the surviving FW-190 plane) is now at four kills and poised to become the second ace.

Our next regularly scheduled flying date is Friday, June 26 at Unique Gifts and Games. I will leak the scenario ahead of time; it will be late war Europe with P-47’s on a mission to destroy German ground targets, with P-51s providing air cover. The Germans will defend with a mix of Bf-109G’s and Fw-190F’s, along with anti-aircraft assets. All rules will be in effect; experience for destroying ground targets, clouds, AA, spotting and sun direction. If you have the rules, read up. If you don’t, Ken will be happy to sell you a copy (hehe).


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