Additional Pulp Figures from Darkson Designs

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Miniature Games
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I have been collecting Pulp figures now for about a year in preparation for a game that Skip Peterson and I are working on together. I already reviewed the Galacteers and Robots from Hydra. This time I draw your attention to Darkson Designs AE-WW2 line. While I am planning my game to be more a 1930s feel, many of the figures are usable as pre-war characters. There are four factions; Americans, British, Germans and Soviets. The American Power Suit and Rocket Troopers are particularly intriguing. They have the “Nikolai Tesla” retro feel to them. They consist of multiple parts that make posing and customizing quite easy.

Rocket Trooper

Rocket Trooper


 Also of use are some of the “bad guy” German figures.  I am impressed with the sculpting, especially with the facial expressions and animation in the poses. I am also impressed with the quality of molding/casting. Clean up and assembly is a breeze. These photos are from the Darkson Designs site. I will post my own attempts in the future. For Pulp fans, I highly recommend these figures.

German Mad Scientist

German Mad Scientist


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