Campaign Updates

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Miniature Games
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There was a  light turnout on Friday night for flying, given the excellent weather, but some great fighting. One of the longest dogfights of the campaign took place between the P-47s of Martin and Ken versus the Bf-109Gs of myself and Steve. Twisting and turning were the order of the day, with few shots taking place for many, many turns. Then all hell broke loose. Captain Chard, my ace, torched one of Ken’s Thunderbolts as he tried to turn away from a potential tailing situation. As his remaining plane headed away, Captain Chard performed a Split-S and got on the tail of the aircraft for a burst at very long range. The shots damaged Ken’s engine and a lucky hit caused a leaky gas line that took away any of Ken’s acceleration. Chard closed in and shot down Ken’s plane at point blank range. Martin’s two planes made it off safely, as well as the other German planes. Final total was 2 kills to zero for the Germans. Chard’s kill total is now eight planes.

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