Update on Gaming

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Been a few weeks since my last post, but that’s because I’ve been playing a lot! In no particular order…

First, we seem to have rediscovered Settlers of Catan. Over the past two weeks I have played probably 15 games. Why? It’s quick to teach, simple to play and full of strategy. My family enjoys it, too. As a result of our addiction, we have purchased several of the expansions, along with the computer version of the game.

Second, another game has resurfaced from my closet: Twilight Imperium from Fantasy Flight. To be specific, we have been playing the 3rd edition of the game. Two late night sessions at Unique Gifts and Games have rekindled my love of the game. Explore, build and dance around the edges of conflict until one player drives for Mecatol Rex, the central planet in the star cluster. Then it’s every fleet for itself! This is not a game for the faint of heart; the rules are complex, the turn sequence is unique and requires constant attention during other people’s turns, and there are many ways to win/many strategies to take.

Three, from a miniatures standpoint, we’ve played another two sessions of Check Your Six! although our campaign attendance has been falling off with the advent of summer. One interesting game we played was with Me-262 jets. I took two of the Germans while Ken and Will took four P-51Ds. It wasn’t even close. I lost one jet immediately and had to dive off the board with the other P-51s in close pursuit. From what I’ve read of historical dogfights, the Me-262 was faster, but had trouble with turns and most often simply dived away from bad odds, which was certainly the case here. Of course, I was also flying two green pilots versus some skilled and veteran Allied pilots, so that made a difference as well.

Also on the miniatures front was another game of Starship Troopers which I ran over at Skip’s house. We had a settlement of lightly armed squatters in a small village with a brothel being attacked by the Arachnids and calling for help from the local Mobile Infantry base. The highlights of the game included the headlong flight of the “ladies” toward the base perimeter, an abortive attempt by Skip “Bootlegger” Peterson to drive a military truck out to the settlement, only to flip it around and run back to base at the appearance of a tanker bug, and the last stand of some power armor troopers delaying the bugs long enough to allow the civilians to get away. All in all a fun time and an unusual scenario.

Finally, two more games. We played San Juan for the first time last weekend at the Crystal Lake Park District game program. The game is a card game version of Puerto Rico and is essentially a faster version. Players take different roles each turn and try to score points from trading, production and construction of buildings. Also played the new Martians!!! game from the makers of the Zombies game. It is just like the latter game, with a few significant changes. First of all, there is no “escape” to win the game. You must either kill 30 Martians or gather the right combination of items to blow up the Mother Ship. Second, there is a cooperative version of the game for the less bloodthirsty out there.

  1. Donogh says:

    Just a not on your CY6 game.
    I had thought that in a dive the Mustang could just about match the Me-262’s speed, so with the problems with turning would have thought climbing would’ve been the better option for escape.

    • beastmeister says:

      According to the CY6 stats, the P-51D’s dive rate does not match that of the Me-262. I did a steep dive into a lower CAB (combat altitude band) and had a faster dive rate. By the rules, that made me eligible to disengage from the battle.

  2. Hampers says:

    I am fond of playing games. Being a game lover, I really enjoyed going through blog seems to me that I was playing the game. Happy Blogging.

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