Uncharted Seas Game from July 25

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Miniature Games, Uncategorized
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I ran an Uncharted Seas game at Unique Gifts and Games Saturday, July 25. The two sides were the Thaniras Elves/Dragon Lords versus the Imperial Humans/Dwarven fleets. The action quickly devolved into two separate battles. On the northern end of the board, a small holding fleet of Dragon Lord cruisers and a squadron of frigates held the Red Dwarves at bay while the entire Elven fleet reinforced by the remaining Dragon Lords took on the Humans to the south.

On the northern flank, the dwarves wreaked havoc with the Dragon Lord cruisers and frigates, losing just two frigates in return. The slowness of the Dwarven battleship was acutely felt, however, as it could never really fully engage.

The Dwarves tear it up with the Dragon Lords
























On the southern flank, the Elves made mincemeat of the humans, even without the help of the Dragon Lords. As you can see in the picture, the Elvish frigates crossed the “T” of the Human fleet, and the lone Elven cruiser between the Humans was in fact a bomb ship that set itself off in the midst of the Human forces. When all the seaspray died down, the Dwarves turned their ships homeward, knowing that their force, while intact, was no match for the combined Elven/Dragon Lord fleet.

The Elves cross the "T"

The Elves cross the "T"


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