The Never Ending Dogfight

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Miniature Games
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Friday night’s campaign saw the longest dogfight so far as 4 FW190D’s and 2 Me109G’s took on 2 P-47D Thunderbolts, 2 P-38L Lightnings and two P51B Mustangs. From the beginning, it was not a good shooting night for either side. My ace lined up a two hex shot on a green pilot, only to miss completely. Later he lined up a tail shot at 3 hexes, only to roll horribly on the damage roll, allowing the P-38 to escape. Then he ran out of cannon ammo.

Early maneuvering for shots.

Early maneuvering for shots.

The American gunnery faired no better, with plenty of missed shots and bad damage rolls. The highlight of the evening was the giant “cluster-&#*%” that emerged in the exact center of the board.

The "cluster-&*$%& " in the middle of the board.

The "cluster-&*$%& " in the middle of the board.

Any semblance of wingmen and formations was shattered in a twisting, diving, climbing maelstrom of great flying and bad shooting. Final tally after three hours was: Germans 1 kill (a P-38) vs. Americans 1 kill (an Me109G). From an experience standpoint, one of Ken’s pilots reached veteran status.


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