Early Planetary Empires Painting Efforts

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Miniature Games
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Per a few requests I received, here are a few photos (iPhone, so not all that great quality) of my first few Planetary Empires painted tiles.

planetary empires 1

planetary empires 2

planetary empires 3

The tiles were primered gray and then given a sepia wash. When dry, they were drybrused with ivory, then drybrushed again with an ivory/white mix. The crater was washed with a 50/50 dark gray mix, and then I went in and painted over the “donut” area between the center and the outer rim with ivory. Ruins and other surface features were highlighted with a light gray, then a light gray/white mix. For the marsh tile, I simply used a heavier sepia wash. When dry, I painted gloss sealant over the water areas. The final touches were adding clumps of fall foilage (a mix of three or four different Woodland Scenics colors) using CA glue. I am pretty happy with the results. About 1.5 hours for seven very cool looking tiles. I am sure others will have even better results.


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