Check Your Six! this Friday at UGG…and a Return to Middle Earth

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Miniature Games, Terrain
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Just a reminder to all the players and plane fanatics out there that we will take to the air again this Friday at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL. Wheels up at 7:15 PM. We have a few players getting close to ace status, so the dogfighting should be intense.

Painting continues on the Planetary Empires and Mighty Empires  tiles. An old project never finished has reared its head over the past week: Lord of the Rings miniatures from GW. I have enjoyed playing the skirmish game from Games Workshop, but was intrigued enough by the recent release of  the mass combat expansion War of the Ring to pick up a copy. First of all, kudos to GW for not making us rebase all our figures. The new movement trays are designed to accommodate the skirmish-mounted figures bases already released. Infantry bases are eight figures and cavalry bases are two figures. Casualties are removed from the base as incurred. Each base represents a “company” of soldiers. Also, GW is expanding their line of plastic figures (and re-releasing old metal figures as plastics) to help with the larger armies needed to play.

So I went down into the basement and the crawlspace to retrieve my horde of unpainted figures. This weekend the boys and I started clipping, trimming and priming “an army worthy of Mordor.” I am focusing initially on Mirkwood Elves, Uruk-Hai and Moria Goblins. Will is focusing on Dwarves. We also started sketching plans for a number of 2′ x 4′ gameboards to represent Khazad Dum, better known as the Mines of Moria. Sketching proved to be not as much fun as doing, so off to Home Depot we went to purchase 1/2″ pink insulation board and masonite panels to serve as the foundation for the terrain boards. I am taking pictures of how we are making everything and will attempt to post a step-by-step guide in the weeks to come.

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