Citadel Realm of Battle Terrain Boards

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I purchased a set of Citadel/GW’s Realm of Battle terrain boards over the weekend. While pricey at $275, I was interested in them predominantly as durable convention boards for Lord of the Rings and science fiction games. I was also impressed with the quality of the sculpts; each board contains a great amount of small detail, and since the panels are made from the same plastic as GW’s other models, I knew before I started that it would paint up well. The construction of the boards is gridded underneath. You can stand on them without damaging them. They hold paint well and lend themselves to drybrushing. The set comes with six 2×2′ boards that are somewhat geomorphic, clips to hold them together, and a heavy canvas bag usable for storage.

So off to the garage I went. I refused to buy the GW terrain finishing pack as its mostly just brown paint and flock. Instead I used a leather brown spray primer, a black primer and my Army Painter Skeleton Bone primer as my poor man’s airbrush system. First I cleaned the boards to remove any residual mold residue, then hit all the rocky areas with black primer. Once that was done, I used my leather brown primer to cover the remainder of the boards. Finally, I hit the rocky areas and ruins with SkeletonĀ Bone and left the boards to dry for an hour.

For painting, I used acrylic craft paints, since I had large areas to cover. I drybrushed all the brown areas with a cocoa colored highlight. I went after the areas between rock and brown with the cocoa mixed with a tan/khaki color. Once that was dry, I went in and detailed all the rock areas with lighter and lighter shades of gray, finishing off the edges with white. I did the same with the ruins. Here is the result:

The boards after drybrushing. Buildings are from Pegasus and added for scale.

The boards after drybrushing. Buildings are from Pegasus and added for scale.

The skull pits are to the left of the buildings.

The skull pits are to the left of the buildings.

I really like how the boards look even without the flock added. In the plus column, these boards are sturdy, easy to finish, contoured well and very attractive. In the minus column is the price and the fact that several of the boards have what I consider to be an annoyance; skull pits. While these may be cool for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, they are not my cup of tea. Tonight I plan to paint these areas a green/black and to pour tinted resin to fill them in as water pools. I saw a similar effect online.

Besides the resin pools, tonight will start the static grass flocking. I will post pictures of the finished boards as soon as I am done.


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