Terrain Boards Part Two

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Miniature Games, Terrain
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Last night was spent further detailing my boards and coming to terms with the skull pits. I have better photos today that show the intricate details of the boards and how easy they are to paint and weather.

Fully detailed "skull board."

Fully detailed "skull board."

I left off from the previous night with a drybrushed overcoat of “cocoa.” Last night’s work was concentrated on the stoney areas of the board. First I took black mixed with a little blue, watered it down 50/50, then used a detailing brush to pick out all the cracks and crevices between rocks. Next I took a neutral gray color and mixed progessively with more and more white as I worked toward the edges.

Details of rocks or tiles around the pits.

Details of rocks or tiles around the pits.

Finally I tackled the skull pits. I want to thank my friends on The Miniatures Page for some helpful ideas. In the end, I decided simply to paint the skull pits with a watered down black. Once this was completely dry, I filled in the pits with Woodland Scenics Realistic Water that I purchased at my local Hobby Lobby. It comes in a pint-sized bottle and is already mixed and ready to pour. For the faint of heart, be warned that when first poured over a water-based paint, even when that paint is dry, the Realistic Water will cloud. This clouding fades as the resin material dries. At the time of writing, the cloudy effect is almost gone and should be completely eliminated by the time I get home from work.

The water is drying and the "cloudiness" is going away.

The water is drying and the "cloudiness" is going away.

The water approach has diminished the “skull effect” quite a bit, so I am quite pleased with the compromise. Tonight starts Operation Static Grass!


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