Weekend Gaming and Projects

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Board Games
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Not much new to report this week…I finished the GW boards and hope to have some final pictures up soon. The water ended up being the trickiest part and will probably take another layer of resin to finish. Other projects included assembling about 30 Lord of the Rings figures (Uruk Hai and warriors of Minas Tirith). I also painted 16 of the Uruk Hai this weekend.

From a gaming perspective, we played Robo Rally and Bang! Saturday night with Skip Peterson and his family. Robo Rally is one of those games that is a blast to play, especially after several glasses of wine, which totally messes up your spatial perception. If you haven’t heard of Bang!, it is a face-paced card game of shootouts in the Old West. Skip was the Sheriff and got shot repeatedly by the outlaws and renegade. I had the unfortunate luck of being killed by not one, but two sticks of dynamite that were making the rounds. The renegade (my son Will) won the game by killing everyone else off, then putting a final round into Skip’s twitching body.


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