Campaign Update for Check Your Six

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Miniature Games
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Friday night was the largest dogfight to date in the campaign, with eight pilots and sixteen fighters in the air. Four P-47s, two P-38s and two P-51s took on four Me-109s and four Fw-190s over Germany. This night saw some of the fanciest maneuvering and twisting dogfights yet. The action broke into two groups. The 51’s and the Lightnings engaged two Me-109s and two Fw’s, and the P-47s took on the rest of the Germans. Four German’s went down in flames, including a Me-109 to my ace, making him the first double ace in the campaign. One American P-47 and one P-51 were lost in turn, giving the edge to the Americans for the evening. However, neither side stuck around after the fight, thanks to battle damage and ammo depletion. For the next session, if we have this many pilots, we may break up into two separate games.


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