Build Me an Army Worthy of Mordor!

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Miniature Games, Terrain
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Fall Sunday’s are football time, and the whole family watches the Bears religiously. It also means that I can assemble, file and prep miniatures while the game is on. This Sunday, I assembled 15 mounted Riders of Rohan, 6 mounted Royal Guard of Rohan, a mounted Gamling and a score of Uruk scouts. I am trying to get ready for the upcoming Legends in the Fall game convention the second Saturday in November, so time is of the essence. I finished assembling my scratchbuilt stables for my Rohan village on Saturday. I plan to complete three more buildings for the village for the same game. I also dug through my unpainted Dark Age collection and found villagers suitable for Rohan; a blacksmith, a handful of farmers, some sheep and swine, plus several women and children.

The scenario I am designing will feature a mixed force of Orcs, Uruk Hai and Dunlendings attacking a Rohan village, attempting to gather captives and set the buildings on fire. A handful of foot soldiers plus villagers will be defending. As the scenario progresses, Gamling, Erkenbrand and the Riders will arrive to drive off the bad guys and rescue the village. In addition to the buildings for the village, I am also working on fencing, a few livestock pens and cultivated fields for the board. For torches, I am using as a base the Uruk Hai seige troop models and converting a few of them by swapping heads. The Dunlendings will mostly be the actual models, but I am supplementing them with some of my Dark Age Vikings and Saxons.

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