A Vendor Worthy of Middle Earth

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Cool Stuff Related to Games or Silliness, Miniature Games, Terrain
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A search for terrain suitable for Lord of the Rings on the internet turned up the following site: http://www.thomarillion.de. The photos of the models and scenery literally blew me away. I did a little checking with my other wargaming sources and found that everyone who has done business with the site have had nothing but the highest praises for the merchandise and service. As I have posted previously, my family and I are going crazy for Lord of the Rings right now, and we have embarked on two game projects: Rohan and Moria. We put the Moria project on hold, simply because the amount of modeling required would be much more than Rohan and we have a few upcoming convention deadlines looming.

Once I visited Thomarillion, I knew that these products would be of great assistance in the Moria project. Thom makes Dwarven columns similar to those depicted in the movies, both solid and ruined versions. These were quickly added to my shopping cart. At that point, I knew I was in trouble. Next I found two large Dwarven statues suitable for some of the inhabited areas of Moria. Click — into the shopping cart. Ooooh…there’s an underground well piece. Click. Wow, look at that statue holding a water basin. Click.

Well, I finally realized I needed to stop. I placed my order and the very next day I was contacted by Thom. He told me that the weight of my order was kicking me up into the next weight class and that shipping from Germany (where Thomarillion is located) was pretty steep. Was there anything else I desired weighing less than the remaining weight allowed under the higher postage category? If there was, if it was less than 19,95 euro he would add it for free. Wow. I quickly selected one of the most beautiful pieces made by Thom: a bridge of Rivendell, made of ceramic plaster and laser-etched wood.

Ten days later my order showed up, lovingly packed, perfectly fulfilled and awe-inspiring in level of detail, quality of workmanship and simple artistic skill. I highly recommend Thomarillion to all of you who are interested in Middle Earth or medieval gaming.


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