Great Legends Day at Trinity College

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Events, Miniature Games
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Sorry that I have not posted for a few weeks, but I have been very busy getting ready for Legends in the Fall, which took place on November 14. First of all, congratulations to Skip Peterson and the convention staff for a near flawless performance. We had good weather, good logistics and good organization for the day. Despite a parking lot/paving glitch, we had a record attendance for the day. I think the final head count exceed 200 people. Second, thanks to all the game masters who once again showed the best looking and best run games in the Midwest. Hats off to Mark Feldman for yet another pulp masterpiece, this one set in late war Germany with Russians, Americans, Germans, zombies, aliens, rockets and other craziness that was another crowd-pleaser. Also notable was Ivor Janski’s World War I game set in October 1918, replete with fall trees, trenches and well-thought scenario-crafting. The Cold Cannister and Steel crowd had a good attendance. The afternoon session featured an excellent 1/35th scale Alamo game, using Conte Collectibles terrain and figures. There was also a 90mm version of Command and Colors Ancients played on the table next to me. My Uncharted Seas fleets sailed under the command of Ken Wickes from Unique Gifts and Games, whose staff ran several demos of the game.

Our two games went off without a hitch. My son Will ran Starship Troopers to much fanfare. This marks the fifth consecutive year that we have run the game, and in fact, Skip told me that we are the only game that has run at every Legends event since its inception. The Bugs made a meal out of the Mobile Infantry this time, so no new citizens will join the ranks of the Federation. Our Lord of the Rings game went well, but not as expected. The charge of the Rohirrim was stopped cold by Uruk-Hai well-positioned pikes and horrendous die rolling by the horse lords. Erkenbrand, Gamling and Eowyn had to beat a hasty retreat from the Westfold back to Meduseld. The highlight of the game for me was the Isengard Troll and an Ent from Fangorn playing catch with a large boulder for most of the game, each trying to wound the other to no avail. I’ll try to post some pictures from both of the games later in the week.


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