Ambush Alley Continues to Grow

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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We played two more games of Ambush Alley over the weekend. The first ended in a Marine nightmare. We were playing a variation of the Search & Clear scenario. The Marines had one squad (three fire teams and a squad leader), plus attached LAV-25. The mission was to move block to block and eliminate the insurgent “hot spots” on the board. Unfortunately, the insurgents had other ideas. First of all, the Marines did not do a good job of bounding movement and a few overwatch assignments were missed. As a result, a lone Marine fireteam ran for a tree line, only to be cut down by hidden insurgents just across the river. The house could not be brought under fire quickly enough to save the trapped Marines. The LAV-25 attempted to drive to their rescue and use its armor as a shield, but then several other RPG armed insurgents scored multiple hits on the flank of the LAV, turning it into a smoking hulk. While many insurgents lost their lives, two Marines were killed and a third critically wounded. No “hot spots” were neutralized and the Marines beat a hasty retreat back to their FOB.

The second game is still in progress. We discovered that we had been doing vehicles and small arms incorrectly, so this time the LAV-25 was a bit more resilient. The same scenario was played, this time with more buildings and more maneuver room for both sides. To this point, the Marines have cleared a few buildings and are threatening one of the “hot spots,” but the LAV-25 has taken some damage. We’ll see how this resolves as the week unfolds.

In the meantime, our order from Scale Creep came in and we now have a Blackhawk helicopter to paint, as well as more insurgents (this time, Somalis). I finished painting our Stryker and am nearly done with two LAV-25s.  I have also started filing and priming my Taliban figures from QRF. Also on the project table are two N-scale buildings (actually slightly large for N-scale) for a downtown area. We are taking two four and five story N-scale office buildings and “Middle Easternizing” them by adding patriotic posters, Aramaic signage and plenty of weathering. We’ll take some pictures when they’re finished.

We are also considering the possibility of modifying Ambush Alley for science fiction. I have purchased several packs of the Rebel Miniatures Earth Force and Sayhadeen figures. I’m thinking about an insurgency on Mars in a future colony. I have no doubt the rules will work just fine given their flexible and abstract nature. I have two MKP Mars terrain mats, so I would simply need to build some colony buildings and rocky outcroppings for the game to progress.


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