Announcing Ambush Friday

Posted: December 18, 2009 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Starting with next week, December 26, we will start to run an evening of miniatures gaming at Ken’s, more than likely themed around Ambush Alley and its expansions; namely, Ambush Z (zombies), Ambush Valley (Vietnam), Force on Force (regular forces on regular forces) and Ambush Mars (my science fiction work in progress set on Mars between corporate insurgents and the UN). I’ve already been writing about my and my son’s interest in these games, but now Ken and Chris at UGG have got the bug as well.

As for Force on Force, the same figures needed for Ambush Alley will work quite well, so we have a good start on Iraq and Afghanistan. The rules also work with World War 2, so we more than likely have enough to run in this period as well. I also have a ton of 15mm figures and vehicles for the 73 Arab Israeli conflict, so I will be working to get those figures ready.

Our first game will be December 26 and will be an Ambush Alley game set in Iraq. New players are welcome.


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