Growth of Derkaderkastan

Posted: December 29, 2009 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Will and I got quite a bit of Ambush Alley in over the break with some of our friends. We keep adding to the layout and available forces. Here are a few shots from a “Sweep and Clear” mission.

Will looks down the street his Marines will have to assault.

The ring around the figure is to denote a leader. We use orange ones for light squad weapons. The rings are available from Micro-Arts Studios and work pretty well for 15mm on penny-sized bases.

Same street, wider angle. Note building with Saddam poster 🙂

I got a deal on some N scale multi-story buildings at a local model railroad shop. I am converting them for the game, starting by finding old Iraqi propaganda posters on the web and scaling them down for the buildings. I will weather and de-westernize them as part of our ongoing urban renewal. The radio tower on top of the red building is actually an N-scale oil rig 🙂

A few insurgents, before the Marines blanket the building with fire.

Most of our insurgents are from Rebel Miniatures. I also have a ton of Old Glory Taliban and some QRF I am starting to mix in. The ones in the above picture are Rebels.

The game-winning insurgents, just prior to the Marines moving across the street.

In the above photo, two groups of insurgents are lying in wait. The Marines successfully cleared the building across the street, only to be overrun by these two groups who made their morale checks, weathered the Marine defensive fire and stormed into the Marines. As one of the other fireteams had taken casualties, the Marine player wisely chose to break contact and call for reinforcements.

  1. Michael Kroft says:

    Wonderful sight. I noticed that you are also in IL and believe that we have meet in passing at the old GW in Gurnee Mills and at Little Wars. Was wondering if you are looking for any new players for Ambush Alley and would love to join you if possible.
    With regards,
    MIchael Kroft

    • beastmeister says:


      We play at Unique Gifts and Games over in Grayslake quite a bit. Or at the house. Or over at Skip Peterson’s in Wauconda. My e-mail is Shoot me a line with your phone number and I’ll give you a call.

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