Ambush Mars Update

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games, Terrain
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Well, I got my order of GZG 15mm science fiction stuff over the weekend. The majority of the order were habitat buildings and some utility vehicles for the mining/refining complex. Here are a couple of pics from the GZG site of the assembled metal buildings:

GZG Basic Hut

GZG Comm Hut

GZG Hut Set

Here are some of the vehicles I ordered for the complex:

GZG Exploration Vehicle

GZG Mule and Trailer

My intent is to paint most of this stuff “NASA-style” with lots of white panels, black solar panels and red/blue lettering. I’m still working up the name of my fictitious future mining corporation. Other buildings are being assembled from Bed, Bath and Beyond plastic containers and Plasticard 🙂

For the actual mining/refining complex, I am starting to assemble some test structures using the IMEX/Pegasus Platformer stuff, especially from their chemical plant and electrical plant sets. Storage tanks, pipes, processing bins are what I am trying to achieve.

As for the terrain, we went to Home Depot over the weekend and purchased a few 2 x 2 plywood boards. We also attempted to color match NASA photos with the Behr paint color match system. We ended up with what is called Maple Glaze in the Behr flat primer + paint line. I plan to primer the boards with this color first, then add small rocks and sand to a second coat of paint. Once I have these finished I will post photos. I think the white/black buildings will make a nice contrast with the orange/brown terrain.

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