AA Search and Clear – Marines Advance to the Rear

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Events, Miniature Games
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We had six players (with 2-3 more who would have played if we had the room) for our first Ambush Friday night. Next session we will run two separate Ambush Alley games. We ended up with three Marine commanders and three leaders of the Derkaderkastan Freedom Fighters in Friday night’s game.

Two squads of US Marines supported by a LAV-25 headed out of the Green Zone into the downtown. Right from the start it looked like a US cakewalk, as the first Fog of War card drawn was fixed wing assets. The DFF players were terrified, then jubilant when the bomb run broke off at the last minute because of “danger close” concerns (the Marine commander failed to call in the strike). Nonetheless the Marines pushed on and the DFF discovered the awesome firepower of the modern Marine fireteam. Two DFF mobs were shot to pieces and a third went to ground, trying to avoid the advancing Marines. Even the dice conspired against the DFF as they failed to roll much in the way of reinforcements the first two turns.

Then the US Marine commanders tried to be clever. After a quick conference with much discussion of how well things were going and how to exploit the opportunity…

US Marine Commanders conferring...note the high element of secrecy 🙂

…they decided to advance aggressively in the center of the board. As it turned out, Ken’s forward fireteam went a “building too far” and got caught in an insurgent cross-fire from two directions with almost no support. Three of the four Marines were killed after two turns of murderous insurgent fire. In an attempt to rescue the forelorn survivor, Ken advanced a second fireteam to get an angle on one of the shooting DFF mobs and picked off a few of the shooters. Skip charged his Marines on the opposite flank, trying to force the DFF into a more lopsided firefight in the Marine favor. At that point, Mullah Chad of the DFF counter-charged a building just occupied by Skip’s Marines and all hell broke lose. When the dust cleared, all of Skip’s fireteam were dead and the DFF took the building. At that point, the Marines began a tactical advance back to their AOP to plan their next foray into the downtown area.

A fateful photo, taken just before the Marine push. The surprise on their faces soon turned to frustration and fear 🙂

Many brave DFF soldiers lost their lives that day, but seven Marines will not be coming home. All kidding aside, everyone seemed to have a good time.  The battle for Derkaderkastan continues in two weeks (January 22).


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