Ambush Friday Schedule of Events for January 22

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Events, Miniature Games
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This coming Friday night is, of course, Ambush Friday, meaning a full night of gaming goodness from Ambush Alley Games. Game time is 7 PM. We will be running two games simultaneously. First up is the continuing saga of the Marines in Derkaderkastan, courtesy of me, using Ambush Alley. The second game will be Ambush Z, run by my son Will.

So far, most players are very interested in Ambush Alley and Ambush Z. Ken W. has US moderns and zombies on order for his own personal use, and will soon be carrying Rebel Mini’s in store. Skip P. is planning on painting modern US troops in 15mm, but also owns a formidable collection of 20mm Vietnam figures, so he and I will work out when we can run Ambush Valley, which are the expansion rules for Force on Force covering the Vietnam era. What else are you guys up for? As for me, I have my work-in-progress Ambush Mars figures, expanded moderns and a desire to return to my Peter Pig Arab-Israeli figures.

Finally, Shawn Carpenter, the owner of Ambush Alley Games, has added me to the playtest/design forums for the games, and agreed that we can be an official playtest group on a go forward basis.

  1. I really appreciate you guys lending a hand with playtesting and hope you have a lot of fun doing it!



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