Amendment: Change on Friday Games

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

After some discussion and my crazy schedule this week, we are changing the two games for Ambush Friday. I will be running Derkaderkastan (US Marines versus Middle East Insurgents) using Ambush Alley. We are postponing the Vietnam game until a future date. Instead, Will will be running Force on Force, using my US 10th Mountain figures and his newly-painted Russian Spetsnaz.  Game time starts at 7 PM.

On the docket for two weeks later (Friday, February 5), we have three games planned (as folks get the rules mastered). Ambush Alley in Derkaderkastan, Ambush Valley using Skip’s well-painted 20mm figures and Force on Force playtesting of some new WW2 rules.


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