Next Ambush Alley Night at UGG

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Events, Miniature Games
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Last Friday’s turnout was short a few people, but we did have a great game of Force on Force featuring a Spetsnaz assault on a town defended by US 10th Mountain troops. The Spetsnaz platoon was reinforced with a BMP-3, while 10th Mountain had a Stryker. Tactics won the day for the Russian forces. They kept their force concentrated so that each element was in support distance of one another, they maintained a goal and they did not hesitate when taking fire, choosing to rush the defending positions instead of returning fire from open positions. The US defenders were deployed piecemeal and were defeated in detail. Better luck next time, US players!

For next Ambush Friday night (February 5), we will have two games scheduled. The primary game will be Ambush Valley, utilizing Skip’s 20mm Vietnam figures. The secondary game will be Force on Force, featuring a rematch of the engagement detailed above. Game time is 7 PM as usual. Just a note to those thinking about coming; this group will be involved in playtesting new Ambush Alley Games materials. Shawn Carpenter, the author of the game and owner of the company, has graciously offered to send us work in progress for testing and commentary.


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