Initial Ramblings on An Nasiriyah

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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I have started doing my research on “the Nas,” and thought I’d share with you some preliminary thoughts on what scenarios I am putting together and what references I am using.

My initial take on key scenarios:

1) Ambush of the 507th Maintenance Battalion: I’d like to set up a section of the ambushes and allow players to see what might happen with different factors or decisions. What if the initial ambush was less effective? What if the Army resistance was stronger or more coordinated? What if air support had been available?

2) Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine: The initial run down Ambush Alley to the bridge and beyond. Ambush of C211 AAVP.

3) Charlie Company, The Stand at the Bridge

4) RCT-1 runs Ambush Alley

4) The Alamo (building on the south side of the Euphrates) where the Marines fought for hours against waves of insurgents.

5) Defending the North Approach: 2nd LAR blocks Iraqi reinforcements

6) Clearing Ambush Alley: 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine

7) The push to the Hospital Part 1

8 ) The push to the Hospital Part 2 (hypothetical; what if the Iraqi’s hadn’t withdrawn?)

These scenarios cover most of the major engagements of Task Force Tarawa during the An Nasiriyah operations. Thanks to Ambush Alley and its asset cards/fog of war cards, many, many hypothetical conditions will change each engagement, giving a lot of replayability. I may have some mandatory conditions for a few of the scenarios. For example, during Charlie Company’s stand, they were the victims of friendly fire from A-10s that had been cleared hot by a forward air controller, who had not been informed that any Marines were operating north of the Euphrates.

So far, one of my primary references has been Marines in the Garden of Eden by Richard S. Lowry. I have also been referring to a number of after action reports and analyses published in the Marine Corps Gazette. I’d appreciate any feedback you may have on sources of information, or my initial thinking on the key engagements. My ultimate attempt is to stitch some, if not all, of these scenarios, into a mini-campaign, where the outcome of one scenario impacts the next one.

  1. Donogh says:

    It seems almost too obvious to suggest – you almost certainly have read it already.
    But anyway: “Ambush Alley: the Most Extraordinary Battle of the Iraq War” by Tim Pritchard.
    Looking forward to seeing this in any case

  2. Bing West’s THE MARCH UP also has a very good account of the fighting at Nasiriyah – and he has the advantages of:

    a) Having been “embedded” with the Marines at the time of the battle

    b) Being a retired USMC officer with combat experience in Vietnam (his book THE VALLEY is an excellent source book for AV and is considered by many to be a seminal work on COIN operations).

  3. beastmeister says:

    Shawn, thanks! I actually ordered it from Amazon just before I saw your post. Good to know I made an excellent choice.

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