First Game of Ambush Valley

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Tonight we ran our first game of Ambush Valley, the Vietnam rules from Ambush Alley Games, and it was a wild one. We ran a slightly modified version of the first scenario, a sweep and clear operation featuring a platoon of US Army troops moving on a suspected weapons cache hidden in a village. Harry, Ken, Jon and I were the US players. Opposing us were a number of Viet Cong guerillas with the benefit of tunnels. This group was played by Will, Mitch and Clayton. The terrain was from my collection of The Terrain Guy EZ-Lock mats and Battlefield Architect jungle terrain. The 20mm figures were from the collection of Skip Peterson.

Looking over the rice paddies to the VC-occupied village.


Another view of the VC-occupied village

 From the get-go, things did not work well for the US players. An untimely morale check and a “1” caused a Fog of War (FOG) card to be drawn, which resulted in “The Colonel said what?”, pinning the US players in place for two turns. VC reinforcements and tunnel movement soon had the US players surrounded.

US 20mm troops from the collection of Skip Peterson

 The US right flank was ambushed by several MG teams and hit hard. The left flank faired better, but with mounting casualties, the US players were forced to beat a retreat, having never even reached the village. VC casualties were very heavy, too, but they achieved their scenario objective of moving supplies off the opposite board edge without loss, so the final victory tally was quite embarassing.

Charlie can't surf, but this one sure stood his ground, even after the rest of his unit added to the bodycount.

 Everyone enjoyed learning the nuances of  Ambush Valley. It was fun to see the VC get to pull off ambushes without return fire. We also learned the devastating effects of a claymore blast when Charlie tried to close with a pinned US fire team. We’re looking forward to our next game.

  1. Donogh says:

    Great stuff! Those paddy fields look fantastic

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