More Reference Photos for Nasiriyah

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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I spent a bit of time on today. Found some great photos of the terrain and even more pics of the Marines and insurgent forces.

Marines patrol Ambush Alley, Nasiriyah

Marines with Iraqi POWs. Good shot of the roads in Nasiriyah.

Nice shot of a "tuna boat" from Task Force Tarawa.

Another shot of AAVPs of Task Force Tarawa.

Wrecked vehicles from the 507th Maintenance Co, Nasiriyah.

From all this browsing, I have come to a few conclusions for my terrain and game. First of all, the road is surrounded by drainage ditches on either side until you get into Nasiriyah proper. It also appears that the road north from the Saddam Hussein Bridge is raised up from the surrounding countryside. Second, even though I had read that the surrounding terrain was marsh, there is quite a bit of standing water in places along the road, and many muddy areas around the town. Third, there are no buildings along Ambush Alley greater than two stories in height. In fact, most of Nasiriyah is below two stories.

My current thinking for my 15mm terrain boards is two 2′ x 4′ boards laid lengthwise, forming a 2′ x 8′ corridor. One end will have the Little Alamo. Ambush Alley will run lengthwise down the two boards. I will airbrush the main road gray and dust it up quite a bit, along with some standing puddles of water. I am also thinking about another 2′ x 4′ board crossing the “T’ and representing the Saddam Canal. If I can ever find a picture of that damn bridge, I will scratchbuild it on that board. This also gives me the option of a final 2′ x 4′ board lengthwise “beyond the bridge” for scenarios with Charlie Company’s stand.
  1. Check out two of my books for more detail on Nasiriyah:

    Marines in the Garden of Eden, Berkley, 2006


    US Marine in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003, Osprey (Warrior Series), 2006.

    If you need more help, I have thousands of photos.

    Richard S. Lowry

    • beastmeister says:

      Thanks, Richard. I’ve read both 🙂 Definitely enjoyed them. Obviously, this being a blog about wargaming, we’re trying to build up models in as much detail as we can in 1:100 scale. My “Google Fu” has not turned up much in the way of photos.

  2. Also,

    I have photos of both bridges. I even have photos of the railroad bridge south of the city where the battle first started.

  3. Also, “Good shot of roads in Nasiriyah” is not a good shot. This photo is not typical of the roads.

    Leave a message at wither of my websites and I will contact you.

  4. Tom Young says:

    Hello, I myself just made a game of the Battle of Nasiriyah….I got inspiration from your game

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