After Action Report: Ambush Friday

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Events, Miniature Games
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We had eight players for this week’s games, whom we split into two groups. Group one played Ambush Alley in Iraq, while group two played a hypothetical Russian/US clash using Force on Force. The AA game went well, with lots of see-saw action. A Marine AAVP accompanied by two Hummers attempted to sweep and clear a section of Nasiriyah. The AAVP was loaded with a full squad of Marines, and the Hummers each had two three man crews. One of the crews consisted of a driver and a sniper team. Things started well for the insurgents when small arms fire set a Hummer ablaze, wounding two soldiers. The AAVP stopped to disembark its attached medic, who ran to the wounded, only to be shot dead by the same insurgent group. A full firefight ensued, with the insurgents scoring several disabling hits on the AAVP. The Marines disembarked and started doing what Marines do best; taking it to the enemy. Advancing by bounds they started clearing house by house, pushing inexorably forward. The sniper team dismounted and entered a building to go on overwatch. Then the fun started. The Marines drew a FOG card that gave them an armed Predator UAV. One group of insurgents was the unfortunate recipient of its Hellfire missiles. On the other flank, several insurgent groups attempted to storm the sniper team’s hide, only to be gunned down repeatedly by their accurate fire. One lone Fedayeen managed to get to melee range, where he was quickly dispatched. After the first hot spot was neutralized by the Marine player (with a second being threatened), the insurgents decided to call it quits. Total losses for the US were 1 Hummer, 1 disabled AAVP, 1 KIA and 1 wounded. Insurgent losses were heavy, and the Marines are now in control of that part of town.

Yours truly (ball cap on left) on the Marine side; Force on Force game in the foreground.

AAVP entering town upper left

As for the Force on Force game, well, let’s just put it that the brilliant Spetznaz tactics of four weeks ago were not repeated this time and a full frontal assault across an open field was met by withering fire from the US 10th Mountain Division. After horrendous casualties, the Russians withdrew to reconsider their tactics and perhaps reread Sun Tzu.

In two weeks, we are going to use Force on Force with my 28mm Russians and Germans in a house-to-house Eastern Front scenario. Hopefully we’ll see you then!

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