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Posted: March 14, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Here is the scenario I just submitted for Ambush Alley’s “To the Last Round” contest. Enjoy!



This hypothetical scenario is largely based on the tragic ambush of a patrol of Delta Company, 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division along Route Malibu on May 12, 2005. Of the seven US Army troops involved, five were killed and two captured, later executed, by Iraqi insurgents.  An Iraqi army interpreter also lost his life with the Delta troops.

The setup for the scenario is very close to the actual circumstances; the uncertainty of when the relieving column will arrive reflects the conditions of the incident. In real life, the initial response from Fort Inchon, only 800 meters away, took over 45 minutes because of the number of fresh IEDs planted on the road to slow them down from the ambush site.


10 Turns

Route Malibu in the infamous Triangle of Death south of Baghdad is home to more IEDs than anywhere else in Iraq. A determined 4th Battalion has established a series of linking forts along the route, and concertina wire has been placed along the entire route to discourage late night digging by the locals. Nevertheless, IED attacks are still occurring. Last night, a particularly strong detonation left a large crater in Route Malibu. A patrol from Delta Company at Fort Inchon has been ordered to guard the sight overnight against return visits until the engineers can make repairs.

While 2nd BCT and Delta have been under constant pressure since their deployment to the Triangle, the past month has been different. Other than IED attacks and the occasional sniper round, Route Malibu has been quieter any time before.  Your mission is to hold until relieved. Help is available from Fort Inchon up the road to the north, if needed.

The Americans are determined to pacify the Triangle of Death. They have stepped up their patrols, given aid to the local population, laid wire along the length of Route Malibu and kept the road open, despite numerous IED attacks. Now is the time for swift action. Capture or kill the soldiers guarding the last bomb site.


The table is 3′ x 3′ and represents a stretch of Route Malibu south of Fort Inchon. The hatched lines along Route Malibu represent concertina wire placed there by 2nd BCT to prevent insurgents from burying IEDs at night. The breaks in the wire were by order of the Army to allow locals access to the road. Route Malibu is also lined by palm trees, and the surrounding terrain is a mix of palm tree groves and farmland.


Point A represents the blast crater from the previously detonated IED. Points B and C represent the two Hummvee’s of the patrol sent to guard the crater against further insurgent activity. Buildings 1, 3 and 5 represent local farms, while Building 2 is a school. The three starting insurgent forces start in Buildings 1, 2 and 3. Insurgent reinforcements arrive at the numbered Hot Spots per the usual rules.


US forces are well-supplied and are confident (TQ8/Morale D8).

Team B (within 4″ north of the crater in vehicle)


1 Three Man Fire Team

(1 Team Leader with M4, 1 M249 SAW, 1 Assistant Gunner M4, 1 Interpreter w/AK)

Team C (within 4″ south of the crater in vehicle)


1 Four Man Fire Team

(1 Team Leader with M4, 1 M249 SAW, 1 Assistant Gunner M4, 1 M203 RGL)

Relieving Force (enters per die roll at Point D)


2 Four Man Fire Teams, each:

(1 Team Leader with M4, 1 M249 SAW, 1 Assistant Gunner with M4, 1 M203 RGL)

The two fire teams are crammed into and on the HMMWV. They may dismount at any time. The Relieving Force arrives no earlier than Turn 5. The US Player rolls 1D6 at the end of Turn 4 and adds 4. That is the turn the Relieving Force enters.


Iraqi units are normally supplied and confident (TQ6/Morale D10; leaders are TQ8)

1          1 Leader AK + 1 RPK (Lt Support) + 6 AKs

2          2 Leaders AKs + 1 RPK  +  1 RPG + 4 AKs

3          1 Leader AK + 8 AKs


The insurgency level for this scenario is variable. On the first two turns, it starts out at a 5, then declines by 1 each turn until it reaches 2 on Turn 5 and remains there for the rest of the scenario. This reflects the arrival of dawn and the beginning of an organized US response.

Die Roll          Reinforcement Unit
2                      1d6 AKs and 1 RPK (Lt Support)
3                      1d6 AKs and 1 Leader AK
4                      1d6 AKs & Roll Again
5                      1d6+2 AKs
6                      1d6+2 AKs
7                      1d6 AKs + Leader AK +1 RPK
8                      1d6 AKs + 1 RPG
9                      1d6 +2 AKs  
10                    1d6 (AKs) & Roll Again
11                    1d6 AKs + Leader AK
12                    2d6 AKs

The US player does not draw a FOG card.  FOG cards are suspended for this scenario.

The US Player starts with no additional assets.


Night Action

Night Fighting rules are in effect until Turn 5. The US forces possess night vision gear. The Iraqi forces lose one die of firepower and have their optimum range cut in half until Turn 5.

Concertina Wire

Units may pass freely through the gaps. Units attempting to go through the wire must pass a TQ check. Units that pass may move normally. Units that do not must stop immediately, and may then move freely the following turn. Stopped units may not initiate fire, but may react normally.


The Iraqi player starts with 3 IEDs. The IEDs may be placed according to the following rules:

  • They must be placed within 6″ of Route Malibu
  • They must be at least 12″ away from the northern board edge
  • They cannot be placed within optimal range of the Hummvee’s

The Iraqi player determines IED locations after the US sets up the two teams starting on board. They are hidden from the US player. These IEDs were hastily placed, so they can automatically be spotted by any dismounted US figure who is within optimal range and who remains stationary. They may be spotted by cautiously moving figures with a TQ check. They also are smaller in size and attack a unit coming into contact with them with 3D10 firepower.


Each Iraqi Unit broken or destroyed +1
Each US Soldier from the initial starting force who survives  +5

Each US soldier captured +5
Each US soldier killed +3
Each US soldier seriously wounded +1


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