No Photos This Week

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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We played a standard Ambush Alley scenario this week, but in 20mm. Jon Walters brought his figures and terrain, and I got a much needed break. It was a Sweep & Clear mission near Basra in Afghanistan. The US forces were Air Force Security personnel clearing an urban built-up area near a runway where C130s were taking occasional small arms fire. The Airmen were sent in to clear the area. At first, things went the US way, with several insurgent groups knocked out and a hot spot threatened. Then the dice happened. One turn brought in a FOG card that allowed the insurgents to up their TQ to D8 with one unit. Then a reinforcement roll resulted in three rerolls, more than doubling the number of active Taliban on the board. A lone fire team that had been securing one flank of the US sweep got hit hard, taking a KIA and a seriously wounded and being forced to fall back. Another US fire team took another serious wound. The Airmen beat a hasty retreat back inside the wire.


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