After Action Report: Assault on the Radio Tower

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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A unit of 10th Mountain troops were ordered out to blow up a radio transmitting station in downtown Derkaderkastan. Allegedly, coded signals were being sent to insurgent mobs from the transmitter and CENTCOM wanted the transmissions shut down.

The transmitter in question. Note the new JR miniatures concrete roads. While designed for 25mm, we are using them for wide highways in 15mm.

The 10th Mountain troops consisted of three HMMWVs as escort (each with one driver and three crew) and one Stryker containing a 9 man engineer squad. The insurgents were deployed at four locations throughout the city.

A group of friendly neighborhood insurgents enjoy some fresh fruit at the market, prior to combat

The Stryker came in dead center on the main highway on the south edge of the board. The HMMWVs chose to take a secondary road just west of them, hoping to screen the engineers from fire. That they did. Two separate mobs fired into the HMMWVs and set one ablaze on the first turn.

An RPG and small arms fire set the second HMMWV in line ablaze. Two troops were hurt, one KIA and one light wound.

Indirect fire from Army offboard artillery failed to come in when requested (FOG card),  so the 10th Mountain continued the advance. On the next turn, another HMMWV fell victim to well-placed small arms fire.

The second HMMWV burns behind the building in the center.

The Stryker, which had advanced to a crossroads that gave it visibility the HMMWVs, tried to overwatch against the insurgents, but was largely ineffective with its fire.

A slow advance by the Stryker with stops for overwatch.

Finally, while the HMMWV survivors kept the western flank tied up by letting their vehicles get hit, the Stryker moved toward the transmitter and the engineers “un-assed” against the side of a ruined building…

Disembarking, the engineers came under intense fire.

…only to be hit by another insurgent mob, which inflicted two more casualties, including another KIA. With two dead, two more wounded and a largely intact insurgent force blocking the remaining way to the transmitter, the Polar Bears decided to head back to base without accomplishing the mission. Meanwhile, the citizens of Derkaderkastan prove that “you can’t stop the signal.”

Once again, we had a good time, but the US players seem bent on splitting up their starting forces and leaving them out of mutual support range. We were testing out some of the proposed new vehicle rules from AAG; in the opinion of the players, small arms are a bit too effective against military softskins. I passed this feedback along to AAG. Still, tactics were questionable by the US players. We also played a game of Ambush Mars using the current playtest draft of the forthcoming Tomorrow’s War from AAG. Since some of the miniatures were only primered, I refuse to post pictures 🙂 Next time everything should be finished.

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