Continued Growth of Our Iraq Setting

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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The collecting, painting and modeling continues to grow our layout for Middle Eastern games. We are now capable of filling a 4 x 4′ board with 15mm buildings…and we have about 10 more to paint and add to the scenery.

The 15mm layout continues to grow in size.

Since some of you are starting to collect and play in 15mm, I’ll use this post to talk about what terrain we’re using. First of all, the roads are all 25mm roads from JR Miniatures in these pictures. The gray roads are the “Imperial Road” system, and the brown roads are the “Dirt Road” system.

Another wide view of the layout.

We really like the contrast between the gray concrete and the brown roads against the desert terrain and sandblasted Middle Eastern buildings.

For buildings, we have quite a mix. For pre-painted buildings, we have a few Miniature Building Authority Middle Eastern and Eastern Europe buildings. We also just recently purchased several buildings from Crescent Root Studios, who took a few orders back in February before closing the website again.

The building in the center of the photo and the one behind it are from Crescent Root.

We also have a few Model Power HO scale buildings that we have “Middle Easternized” with posters and slogans.

Some of the boys pose in front of an appropriate revolutionary poster. Converted Model Power building.

The rest of our layout is largely Gale Force 9 pre-paints from their Flames of War boxed set and JR Miniatures buildings that we have painted. We have not stayed exclusively with the Middle Eastern buildings.

HMMWV contests a hotspot next to a converted JR building. The original had a peaked roof and half-timbers. It now looks right at home.

Here are some model height views of the layout.

Our version of Ambush Alley.

Here come the Marines past the market building (purchased from Deimos Designs).

Another view of the back of the market.

As far as the base terrain boards, we were using flocked mats, but recently I purchased some of the EZ-Terrain from The Terrain Guy in “dryland” configuration. It is essentially made from the zig-zag floor foam floor tiles usually used in children’s play areas. Allen has managed to find a good flocking material and paint that seals everything to the material. It’s lightweight, easy to store and very durable.

You can see the terrain tiles in this close up of a building fight.

So if you’re putting together your own Ambush Alley/Force on Force terrain for the Middle East, hopefully this post gives you a few ideas and sources.


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