Over France, 1940

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Miniature Games
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Skip Peterson invited a few of us over to his house to play in his homegrown Legends of the Skies dogfight game. The scenario for the evening was Luftwaffe Stukas in support of  the advancing Germans attempting to bomb a French river defense line. The Stukas were escorted by two Schwarms of Messerschmidts. RAF Hurricanes attempted to support their French allies.

France 1940, as recreated in Skip's basement.

Things did not go well for the RAF initially. Lining up for shots on the Stukas, the Hurricanes of my flight managed only a few scratches on the Stuka frames.

My Hurricanes head for the river where the Stukas are gathering.

The Stukas answered by diving and dropping their bombs on the bridges (after strafing a few French trucks on their way to their main target).

The first bridge is destroyed, soon to be followed by a second.

Amazingly, the RAF’s luck changed, and soon several Stukas were crashing into the French countryside. The German Emils managed to get one of the Hurricanes (Skip was unable to shake off his pursuers), but the German fighters paid for the attack, too. At the end of the night, the score was three Stukas shot down, one Messerschmidt, in exchange for the loss of one Hurricane. Sadly, both river bridges were destroyed, so the scenario was somewhat of a draw, with a slight edge to the RAF in points.

A tangled fight after the Stukas released their bombs.

Skip continues to refine his rules, and it shows. We had an absolute blast and were able to play 12 complete turns in just about 3 hours. I’m looking forward to the next game. Tally ho!

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