Gaming and Painting at Chez Beast

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Events, Miniature Games, Terrain
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We’ve been busy the past week; Little Wars convention in Chicago, a few pick up games of Ambush Alley and some serious painting for Ambush Mars (my background that will also be part of the Tomorrow’s War timeline).

First of all, let’s talk Little Wars. It was good to see some of my friends and my favorite vendors. Otherwise, I thought this year’s offering was ho-hum. Nothing stood out in the way of the games being run; the vendor area shrank yet again. I applaud the efforts of the current leaders of HMGS Midwest for their time and energy, but for many of you who know me, I am not a fan of the “HMGS” part of the equation. There are a lot of great things that Midwest could do (and if you talk to them, want to do), but they are saddled with crazy by-laws and fetters put on them by their affiliation. I am going to continue to go to Little Wars as a non-member, as the local people deserve my support, but I am done with HMGS membership of any kind.

As for Ambush Alley, we ran a pick up game last Friday at UGG in Grayslake using our full layout. The scenario was a contractor with a captive POI holed up in a complex with two fire teams of US troops in support. The US players needed to send a relief column up to the compound and escort them off a friendly board edge. I played the insurgents and probably had the worst die-rolling I have ever experienced LOL. If my insurgents could fire, they missed. If they checked morale, they broke. If they were a specialty figure (leader or RPG or SAW), they faded away. The best I did all night was to ping a Marine LAV-25 and force a morale check that resulted in a bail out. Otherwise the US players mopped the floor with me. The great thing about Ambush Alley is that I had a great time losing. We continue to test the new rules for vehicles and are finding the improvements to be just what the doctor ordered.

Ambush Mars continues to progress. My hanger (replete with working landing lights) is nearly finished, and I painted up my first USMC squad. I also got the basecoats done on 50+ Martian insurgents as their opponents. We’re probably about 3-4 weeks from me having everything finished and ready to take photos.

I also took a break from 15mm and painted a few Malifaux figures (Arcanist faction) just to keep my hand in the 28mm action.

Finally, take a look at While this new bridge is for WW2 Arnhem, if you leave the two arches off, it is highly suitable as a starting point for the bridge at Al Nasiriyah. I placed an order this week with that in mind. If nothing else, it will save me some scratchbuilding time.

This week we are running our regular Ambush Friday night at UGG in Grayslake, IL (see link to the right). As always, we start at 7 PM. We’re planning on a big Iraq game again, this time featuring insurgents and some Iraqi army regulars. See you then!

  1. RKE Steve says:


    I would be interested in knowing what things you think would make little Wars better that cannot happen because of the chapter affiliation thing. It would have been nice to meet you at the con. I do like the stuff you do, and am very serious as to how to make LW better. I have been working with the BoD for 3 years and since i am not a board member want to know what to do to help the con.

    Did you stop by Tom’s AA games or my game on Friday night?


  2. beastmeister says:


    Sent you a private e-mail regarding your first comment.

    In response to Tom’s game, I did swing by on Saturday and it looked like everyone was having fun. Unfortunately, we had to leave early because of a family situation. I live in Gurnee but I work in Milwaukee, so Friday nights are out most of the time.

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