Photos/AAR from April 30

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Sorry I haven’t had time to post much the past week or so. Between work and family it’s been pretty hectic.

The following scenario was played at Unique Gifts and Games on Friday, April 30. The game took place in Iraq and featured our 4′ x 4′ layout for 15mm. Skip Peterson was anxious to use his newly painted Iraqi regulars and US Marines, so we devised a hybrid scenario utilizing both insurgents and main force Iraqi’s. A squad of US Marines was in a walled compound at one end of the city. They had just linked up with a special operator who had  captured a POI. The other US Marine players started on the opposite side of the board and had a column of 3 Hummer’s, a LAV-25, an AAVP and a Hummer Ambulance. The mission was to get to the compound and extricate the squad, the special operator and the POI.

The Person of Interest (POI), the spec ops and the USMC.

Opposing the US forces were the usual insurgent elements, but this time they would be supported by Iraqi regulars.

The Iraqi army decides today is a good day to fight.

As always with a first time scenario, things didn’t go according to plan. We quickly discovered that the initial placement of forces highly favored the US players as several insurgent mobs and about 1/2 the Iraqi regulars were cut to ribbons by the end of the second turn. It also didn’t help that Skip Peterson decided to have the night of his life with the dice as the US commander in the compound. He would have been well advised to take a trip to Vegas that night — he would easily have paid for his hobby for the rest of his life.

We decided to press the restart button with some different troop placements for the Iraqi side. This seemed to do the trick in terms of play balance. First of all, the Iraqi regulars started out of line of sight and by carefully using buildings were able to get some of their forces into grappling range of the compound.

An Iraqi fireteam moves along the available cover.

Had the game continued to its conclusion, they would have been in a perfect position to contest the departure of any US forces from the compound. Second, the relieving column was brought under fire more quickly this time, but again, bad die rolling left the insurgents between a rock and a hard place.

The remains of a large insurgent mob. The Litko marker says it all.

The column was able to clear the first few blocks and when time was called was in a position to roll to the compound. Because we had a restart, we ran out of time before we could finish the scenario and it was well past closing time at Unique Gifts and Games. It’s hard to say what would have happened during the last few turns, but everyone agreed that we should try this one again. It’s nice to have a fully-covered 4′ x 4′ urban board for our games, since it allows more players and more forces in the same game. We’re painting a few more modern buildings to represent built-up areas in Iraq.

  1. Donogh says:

    Looks like a great game
    Like that POI figure a lot, but that final status marker takes the biscuit!

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