Recent Painting

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Miniature Games
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I finally got a chance to put my brush back to work on some projects that have been sitting on my painting table.

First up is a 28mm Victorian fantasy figure from the Malfaux range; Ramos the Arcanist.

Ramos the Arcanist on a Microarts Studio base.

Close up of Ramos

Next up is a Gamecraft 15mm Middle Eastern office building.

The newest edition to our Middle Eastern layout.

In case you were wondering, I do windows 🙂

Finally, the long awaited debut of the USMC on Mars for the upcoming Ambush Mars/Tomorrow’s War setting. The figures are Rebel Miniatures Earth Force in 15mm.

The USMC advance across the Martian surface.

Another angle on the USMC

Close up of USMC trooper

I still haven’t set up my macro lighting equipment for photography. That will be this weekend. In the meantime, I continue to crank out Middle Eastern buildings and more 15mm science fiction figures. I am nearly done with the Sons of Mars (my refinery workers turned insurgents). I am using Rebel Miniatures Feyadeen figures to represent these guys. Stay tuned.

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