A Quick Write-Up about The War Chest

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Events, Miniature Games
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Last weekend was our first ever War Chest event at Trinity College. The rain helped us a bit, since many folks would have been out working in the yard or doing things with family. All the tables were sold out for the event and most people did well selling, trading or bartering their wares. I cleaned out a full closet worth of stuff in my basement office and pocketed nearly $800. The event paid for itself based on table reservations, so look for Skip, Steve and I to put this together again in the future.

A few notes on attendees. First, thanks to everyone who brought quality goods. This was not a “flea market,” but rather a bazaar of the hard to find, no longer used, but in good condition goods. Second, hats off to Ken who actually acted as a reseller of goods for many of his store customers, and who also helped us out with set-up and tear-down. Third, a special acknowledgment to Keith Leidy, Bob Bowling and the folks from Pico Armor (http://www.picoarmor.com) who showed up as retailers at the event. We saw a good number of HMGS folks, Legends Convention attendees and members of the local gaming community.

What did I spend my money on? Well, John, John and Yong of Pico Armor got a good chunk of it. Yes, yes I know, I need another scale like I need a hole in the head. But you have to see this stuff in person to believe the quality of the product. Take a look at these T-72s and M1A1 Abrahms:

Keep in mind that these are 1/600th scale! The detail is incredible, there is almost no flash on the individual pieces and they are perfect for a basecoat and drybrush painting style. We are basing them for Cold War Commander and using one stand of tanks (3 vehicles to a stand) to represent a platoon. Infantry will be based as a platoon. Command units will be based on round bases.

The bulk of my purchases are for 1973 Arab-Israeli Wars. I want to be able to do the Golan Heights and the Valley of Tears in broad panorama and this scale is perfect. 15 tanks = $3.50. That means I can field a huge Syrian army rushing toward the 7th Armored Brigade! My son, his friend and I also purchased some Central Front Cold War stuff for some 1985 Cold War gone hot action. Finally, I bought some ultra-modern helicopters and aircraft to use with Ambush Alley and Force on Force. My idea is that aircraft should be much smaller scale than the ground scale to look good. Here is what a painted Pico Armor aircraft looks like (taken from their site):

Two F16s. You can buy eight of them for $3.50!

So the next time we draw a Fog of War card calling for a chopper or an airstrike, these little gems will be flying over the site of the strike. The folks at Pico Armor provide lots of advice, great service and are gamers themselves, so consider this a ringing endorsement for their business.


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