Rescuing a POI — Ambush Alley AAR

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Another trip into Iraq and another Person of Interest scenario this week. An Army unit captured a POI and then found itself surrounded by insurgents. A Marine Recon unit was tasked to extract everyone. The Army force consisted of 9-man squad with two fire teams, plus an attached sniper team. The sniper team was the result of an initial Asset Card draw. The relieving Marine Recon unit was 3 HMMWVs and one squad of 12 men in three fire teams. The insurgents started with six mobs on the board and a sniper (also the result of a card draw, this time a Fog of War).

Looking north toward the Army positions. They were holed up in two buildings in the upper right corner.

Jon Walters, in command of the Army unit, decided to play it aggressively. He grabbed the POI and moved toward the west, intended to meet up with the Marines quicker and shorten the distance they needed to travel. The two Marine players moved their HMMWV-mounted squad rapidly along the road to the southwest.

Looking east at the compound where the Marines dropped off a fire team on their way north.

The insurgents surrounding the Army units started strong and ran full tilt toward the Army position. Three groups of insurgents plus a sniper tried to inflict damage on the Army troops, but bad die rolling by one of the insurgents resulted in no Army casualties and two pinned units. The third unit managed to get to the east of the Army position and take cover behind a wall. Then Skip Peterson brought up his insurgents and all hell broke loose. Three Army troopers escorting the POI went down to amazingly accurate Iraqi gunnery, resulting in two KIA and a light wound. Skip would later inflict a third casualty on the sniper team, only to have it stopped by the body armor of the observer.

The insurgents were not finished, however. After pinning a few of Skip’s units, Jon’s Army forces found themselves still in a world of hurt. A lucky reinforcement roll placed insurgents at a hot spot right next to the Army positions and with unusual courage, they charged the sniper position. A second group of reinforcements charged the Army fire team with the POI.

The melee on the rooftop. The insurgents caused a casualty, but were wiped out in turn. The casualty was a "stunned" result.

While all this was taking place, my two insurgent mobs were trying to delay the Marine Recon column. My main unit survived withering ma deuce fire from two HMMWVs, passed the two morale checks, then failed to hit the lead HMMWV with my RPG. The next turn my unit was wiped out by a Marine fire team that dismounted and occupied a nearby building. My other unit spent most of the game keeping that fire team’s attention. We played on for another few turns, but when the insurgents failed to roll any reinforcements and the HMMWVs crossed the river, it was pretty much over for the Iraqi forces.

All in all, the scenario was balanced and could have gone either way. A bit more luck on the first turn and the insurgents would have taken down a few more Army soldiers. In any event, the POI was brought back to the FOB for interrogation. Two Army soldiers were KIA and another lightly-wounded.


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